Booking & Cabin Policies

Booking Policies

Bookings: Up to 4 people are included in nightly rates as advertised. We will separately charge your credit card for $15 per night for each additional guest.

Refund Policy: There is a cancellation fee of 10% of your booking for cancellations involving a refund. If your cancellation gives us at least 30 days notice, we will refund the remainder of your money immediately, no questions asked. If you cancel within 30 days of your booking, in general there are no refunds. If we can rebook your reservation we will make you a partial refund.

Days Notice Cancellation Fee Amount Refunded
30+ Days 10% Of Your Booking 90% of your booking
30 or Less Days - No Refund

Example: Suppose you have a booking for 2 nights totalling $500 for the nights of September 1 and 2. Senerio 1: On July 15, you call and cancel. You will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee and we will refund you the remaining $450.00 Scenario 2: On August 15, you call us to cancel. This is within 30 day period, so there is no refund and there is no cancellation fee. However, it is still to your advantage to notify us of your cancellation. If we can rebook your reservation we will make you a partial refund.

Special Rafting Rates

Raft Denali

The lodging at Cabins At Denali is on the property of Nenana Raft Adventures, Inc. also known as Raft Denali. Persons lodging with Cabins at Denali receive $10/person off their rafting trips. You can make a rafting reservation after you arrive in Dnali or make one in advance. In either event, be sure to tell the person who takes your rafting reservation that you are staying at Cabins at Denali.

Raft Denali

Cabin Policies

Smoking and Pets

Smoking indoors and pets are NOT allowed. A minimum charge of $350.00 is imposed for violations of either the smoking or pets policy.


Please arrange to check in after 3:30pm on the day you arrive; check out is at 11:00am. We are easy to find and are one-half mile north of the entrance to Denali National Park at milepost 238 on the Parks Highway.

Personal Transportation

Getting Around

Please note: WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY SHUTTLES AT ALL. One way we keep our family friendly lodging rates affordable is by NOT providing amenities such as shuttles. We depend on our guests to get themselves to us and to provide their own transportation while they are in Denali.

For example, we do not do pickups or dropoffs at the train station or meet buses or take guests to restaurants or the Wilderness Access Center. Please keep this in mind because taxis are virtually nonexistent at Denali.

Please make your arrangements to drive to Denali. It's a beautiful drive with very little traffic. There are interesting plaes to stop along the ay and beautiful pictures to be taken every mile. And with your own vehicle, when you're in Denali you will have many, many more opportunities for restaurants, the Park Road, and generally vacationing on YOUR personal schedule.

Family friendly, spacious, affordable Denali Accommodations